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Top 5 Miners of this Week

We are always updating our leader board with payment proof and the highest earners of the week. You can check the top miners anytime with the help of this table. If anyone wants to see more payment proofs than visit our payout page.

1 2942.1470430001586
2 1HckjUpRGcrrRAtFaaCAUaGjsPx9oYmLaZ 206.39091999999943
3 1D1KVGf8y7e2rVrq21w1Yhg4PL78EDx2mb 12.760806
4 1Jxjokt7cQoCDEFGXu6e2BiaA97G8ibFLK 5.459534
5 1PAEDo3nRytbefiMNo9pRyVNtwcP2hi4g4 2.168739

We are ready to serve best service to our miners. If you have any query regarding mining process than visit our FAQ or contact us.

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